TimeFilter is a very simple tool and easy to use. The following reference explains all the parameters.

Filtering Method:

There are 3 different filters that blend the image sequence differently. Which filter will work best for you depends on your image sequence. Here are the shapes of these filters:

Constant Filter Linear Filter Quadric Filter


This value determines which pixels will be filtered. If the value of a pixel is changing too much in the neighboring frames (depending on the threshold value), it is excluded from filtering.

File Range:

File range determines the size of the filter. When it is zero, no filtering takes place. When it is 1, the current frame is filtered using the next and the previous frames. By setting file range to higher values you can filter using more frames.


This is the final blending amount of the filtered image with the original image. Setting this value to zero will disable filtering.

Loop Images:

If you are filtering a looped sequence, enable this option. Otherwise, the first and the last frames will not affect each other.