Open Source Code Base

cyCodeBase cyCodeBase is my open source code base intended for graphics programmers. It includes C++ libraries for basic graphics classes, and solutions to frequent graphics programming problems.

Hair Farm plugin for 3ds Max

Hair plugin for 3dsmax I designed and developed Hair Farm, the ultimate hair plugin for 3ds Max, which was released by Cyber Radiance. Hair Farm is currently used by thousands of production studios and independent artists all over the world. Hair Farm allow easy and fast modeling of long hair and fur, it provides a stable and predictable hair simulation, as well as an extremely fast production quality hair renderer. The hair modeling approach of Hair Farm was presented as a paper in SIGGRAPH Asia 2009. For more information please visit Hair Farm's web-site.

Time Filter

Time Filter Flickering in rendered image sequences is a common problem, especially when global illumination methods are used. Most production renderers perform the global illumination computation only for some pixels and interpolate the rest to speed up the rendering. The errors due to the inaccuracy of the global illumination computation generate a low frequency noise on the rendered image. Generally this noise is not visible on a still frame, but it is extremely annoying in animated sequences. The correct way to get rid of this flickering is to use a temporal interpolation along with the common spatial interpolation. Unfortunately, this feature is not supported by most renderers.

Therefore, I have developed this time domain post filter to remove flickering in the rendered image sequences. You can download and use it for free. It is intuitive and easy to use, but it only supports bmp and tga files (sorry about that). Let me know if you find it useful.

Obj Viewer

Obj Viewer This little software allows you to double-click and see the obj files on your hard drive. It also loads the material information, if the obj file specifies a mtl file, as well as tga textures. It supports different drawing and lighting modes including fragment lighting, if your graphics card supports fragment shaders.

I wrote this software a long time ago, when I was frequently using obj files. It turned out to be very useful for me at the time. That is why I wanted to share this tool with you. You can download it here. Let me know if you like it. Who knows? May be I can add support for other file types than obj files in the future.


CPU Spy Did you ever give a task to your computer that takes a long time to complete, your eyes on the progress bar watching it slowly move? Did you ever think this might be a good time to get away from your computer, but you are so anxious to see the result? Don't you think it would be nice to tell your computer "let me know when you're done?"

If the software you are using does not support this feature, CPUSpy does! It monitors the CPU activity, and lets you know in any way you'd like, when the CPU activity falls below the threshold you specify. You can download and use this simple little tool for free. Let me know if you like it.